IVG 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape - 6ct

The IVG 3000 is the world’s first disposable with a cutting-edge hybrid airflow coil technology that delivers the great taste of a mesh coil and longevity of a cotton coil, Delivering 3000 puffs with an 8ml award-winning e-liquid tank Long-lasting 1250mAh battery to support a juicy vaping experience from the first till the last draw. 6 Displays In One Pack. 1.Aloe Grape Ice 2. CHILLED BLUE RAZZ 3. CHILLED BERRY LEMONADE 4. CLASSIC MENTHOL 5. FIZZ ICE 6. MANGO LYCHEE 7. PINK LEMONADE 8. PUNCH(RAINBOW) 9. POLAR MINT 10. PASSION FRUIT 11. RUBY GUAVA ICE 12. STRAWBERRY WATERMELON 13. CLASSIC TOBACCO
Product Code(SKU): IVG 3000